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Christchurch Mixed use Breath competition

Starfish consortium is a collective group of industry professionals from all over Aotearoa who come together to compete on specific competitions. On this occasion WakaTipua Architecture was invited with Starfish to respond to Christchurch's urgent post earthquake rebuild with a Mixed use, Bi_cultural concept design proposed for in the heart of the city.

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Nga Aho practitioner:
Steve Hutana

Project participants (Nga Aho members):
George Clarke

Other participants:
David Smith - Conceptualist "Gyro_Gear_loose" Alex Greig - BBE Architects Wellington Ashley Holwell - Facilitative design - Metabolic and material

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Christchurch Mixed use Breath competition

WakaTipua attended a two day think tank workshop along with other Starfish consortium professionals in Whakatane to explore a proposed base design philisophy, sketches + physical model in response to the brief of the Breath competition.

Core design decisions were reached and a team of 18 professionals from all sectors of the construction industry embarked on a 3 month juant to deliver the finalised Trans_cultural mixed used concept.

Along the journey a Billionaire philanthropist from Australia who liked the concept, agreed to pay for its construction if we were successful in the competition! 

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