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Concept: Our ancestors voyaged to this land from across the sea, navigating by the stars. Sailing is in our blood and we have an enduring desire to travel upon our waters. The Navigator encapsulates these desires - bringing a piece of the America’s Cup back to life and into people’s homes. We wanted to design a product using this material, illuminating its natural aesthetic properties and ensuring its longevity. Through creating the Navigator lampshades, we found a way for this discarded material to be re-used and to be brought back to life.

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Nga Aho practitioner:
Diana Albarrán González


The product is entirely made from former America’s Cup sails, with the addition of magnets, enabling the end user to intuitively assemble the separate elements into a lampshade themselves. Different shapes can be achieved by varying the number of elements used and the way they are connected. The Navigator is designed to appeal to the sustainable consumer who enjoys contributing to their products as a creator and a maker. The ease with which the Navigator can be (de)constructed enables it to be efficiently boxed and shipped with minimal volume, weight and packaging. The lampshade attaches to existing light pendants with ease and light bulbs can be changed simply by partially removing one of the triangular elements. We have incorporated the social element into the production of our lampshades by working with a local social enterprise. This enables us to have this product produced in New Zealand and helps to ensure a minimal footprint from the source of the material to the manufacturer. We are also supporting the upskilling and employment of immigrant woman in our community.
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