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Boundary Definition

It is difficult to apply a European understanding of land ownership and boundaries directly to the Tītī Islands. The Tītī Islands are subject to regulations and recognised customary laws that entitle access. Each island is divided for the specific use of certain families with rights proven by whakapapa. On the Tītī Islands this division of land and resources is known as a manu. Although a legal right of succession can define a right to the use of the land and resources, it does not necessarily define the boundaries of rights. As families expand, entitlement demand to the manu typically increases, as does pressure on tītī harvesting. Because of the island’s limited capacity, family relationships with the land are likely to become more complicated as access, allocation, and boundary definitions feel the pressure of increased demand.


Ngai Tahu, Ngati Mamoe

Nga Aho practitioner:
Mariana Pagan

Boundary Definition

Aim This project seeks to explore perceptions of boundaries on the Tītī Islands, in particular Taukihepa (Big South Cape). Objectives 1. To determine how traditional ties to land and resources on the Tītī Islands have been recognised in methods of boundary definition. 2. To investigate the current perception of boundaries on the Tītī Islands and how this has evolved. 3. To identify factors that may have had an influence on boundaries and boundary perceptions on the Tītī Islands 4. To find out how boundary awareness is promoted and sustained on the Tītī Islands. Methodology  Review literature, legislation, and Māori Land Court processes.  Complete a case analysis of claims and decisions of the Māori Land Court.  Travel to Taukihepa and observe divisions of land and resources.  Interviews with key informants including the Rakiura Tītī Committee, the Rakiura Tītī Island Administrating Body, and Island Supervisors. 1
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