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Barry's Point

This project is a narration and an interpretation through architecture of a story of site. The architectural proposition explores and articulates an understanding of context. The result is a formal architectural response. This architecture is pluralistic and involves as many observations as possible in order to form an example of responsive yet expressive design that invokes presence.


Nga Aho practitioner:
Haley Hooper

Barry's Point

Barry’s Point is the peninsula that founded the development of Takapuna community. It is now an industrial road that runs along the ridge transgressed by a motorway feeder at the bottom. It is an area that presents many contradictions. The opposition of forces that play upon this strip of land require an understanding both of the wider context and the immediate proximities. It is a site of industrial, natural, geographical, infrastructural, and architectural complexity. This project attempts to realise an architecture that re-establishes connectivity and spatial relationships with the surrounding context. This architecture is a statement of the collective notion of city, landscape and street. It is a reconfiguration not only of built form, but of ideas of disjunction into an intelligible structure and method of interaction.
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