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Jordan Cocker   Masters

Kaupapa Whanau

International Design, Art, Project Management and Strategy

Dae-ohn-dae batsaan and malo e lelei. My Kiowa name is Dome-Tho-Yah-Koiye-Mah which means Kiowa-Woman-Who-Travels-The-World. The name I was given as a girl by my Toyebo Grandma Christina Hunt-Simmons is Atday-Tdape-Dae-Mah meaning She-Is-Related. I am a Kiowa & Tongan artist, activist and organizer my work is rooted in heritage and traditional arts through a female lens. My art practice is based in ancestral wisdom, and honoring the ties to heritage that have been severed or degraded by colonization. My art practice is born out of knowing that the days of the external white savior expert are over; Indigenous people can be our own experts, representatives and change makers creatively. I value intergenerational and inter-nation-al collaboration mainly between Pasifika and the Rez to link the spaces between in the movement of healing Indigenous women, youth and communities through art.

ph  5038209288

Jordan Cocker

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