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Archipelagic Passage

A university project which began with the observation of the sea, and a study of our position as an island in the Pacific, that finally led to a study of Polynesian navigation systems.

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Nga Aho practitioner:
Amiria Kiddle

Archipelagic Passage

This project eventuated from a study of Polynesian navigation systems. Polynesian navigators employed a range of techniques enabling them to undertake long ocean voyages, sometimes involving thousands of miles on the open sea. Such techniques included the observation of wind and weather patterns, astronomy, the movement of ocean currents, island position, and the flight and migratory patterns of birds. From this study different arcs were then drawn intuitively, on thick paper using both pencil and pen held taut on the end of a length of string When a critical mass of lines had been traced, the paper was treated as a skin and manipulated in 3D, the different types of lines acting as cut or fold lines. The paper was then sutured or taped into position, becoming a landscape intrinsically linked to Polynesian navigation
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