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Paparahi Toi

Te Paprahi Toi, Maori design Research, publication, guide and digital App,

Tamaki Makaurau

Nga Aho practitioner:
Olivia Haddon

Paparahi Toi

Te Paprahi Toi Maori booklet and digital App, is a collaborative project that reveals and makes visible the elements of Maori culture, the inspiration handed down from nga tupuna that belong to this beautiful land. Here in Auckland city centre we have magical collection of Maori art and design elements embedded into the fabric of our city. All of these works reveal maori and shared histories beneath the modern façade of the city. They offer clues and insights into the rich indigenous culture, maori values, knowledge and ways of being. They help make our place. Often what is not known is the journey behind the works, the intention of Paparahi Toi is to give thanks, acknowledgement and to attribute the Iwi, Hapu , and Whanau who have played a significant part of the inspiration and processes behind these works.
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